Hey I’m Brandon Hill, the founder of A Life of Wealth and a fellow business owner – if you catch yourself asking:
Brandon Hill CFP
Brandon Hill, CFP
  • How do I plan my finances around launching a new business?
  • How do I manage a budget when my cash flow is so unpredictable?
  • How should I invest the profits from my business? Are there other options than the traditional Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds approach?
  • How can I protect my family, business and investments from market crashes?
  • How do I build my Financial Team so that I can focus on my business?

Then this community is for you.

Here’s the deal:

Our school system failed us… Traditional “Financial Advisors” only utilize basic planning strategies and are focused on product sales, not integrated solutions… And we are different than our parent’s generation…

As entrepreneur’s, we are focused on growing our business and creating an unforgettable experience for our clients. We don’t have the time to research the latest investment vehicles or planning strategies of the ultra-rich. The best ROI of our time is spent working on our business.

That’s why we are different. We are here to simplify complex wealth planning strategies and provide unbiased, actionable tactics for Entrepreneurs to create A Life of Wealth.

The best part? All of our current content is free, meaning there are no commitments to start creating Your Life of Wealth today.

But isn’t this content already available online and in books? Yes, however if you’re like me, I would much prefer to go to one source that compiles all of the content out there, cuts out the complexity and gives you practical tips to start using TODAY.

And that’s exactly what we do. Want to finally get a handle on your business and personal finances and start creating
your Life of Wealth?

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About Brandon

I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who has years of experience working in traditional advisory firms providing customized personal financial advice for Entrepreneurs and Professional Athletes.

With all of the challenges and complexity that Entrepreneurs and Athletes face, the traditional financial planning strategies don’t always cut it. By leveraging a team of Financial Professionals, we are able to help implement strategies often reserved for the ultra-wealthy families, bringing the Family Office experience to everyone.

This is why I started A Life of Wealth. Here we are committed to creating A Life of Wealth for our community and guiding individuals like yourself to not only define what wealth means to you, but creating a plan to get there.


Want to learn more about me? View my LinkedIn profile or send me an email – brandon@alifeofwealth.com